livin’ in my #alwaysplaydressup tees!


Those four magical words, “always play dress up” have become so much more then I could have ever imagined!

Since the beginning, I’ve claimed to basically be a 5-year-old with a dress up closet! Getting dressed has been about what character I want to play that day and bringing a spark to my otherwise regular life. Styling up the everyday! So, I’ve always been playing dress up, but it wasn’t until I signed off on a video saying those words that it really took on a life of it’s own and became the mantra for all of us around the world! The mantra of the girls who just love to play, get dressed, throw reality out the door and not worry about anything but how WE feel in what we wear.

For the last few years, we’ve been all together creating magic under the title #alwaysplaydressup and I thought it was time that we could actually wear something that said it for us! So.. I introduce to you the first installment of the ALWAYS PLAY DRESS UP tees! And since we love to mix it up and play with eclectic looks everyday, I thought I’d give y’all three styles to mix in, whatever your mood.

The STACKED TEE in white is for those parisian-chic days, for color play or for when you are feeling fabulous and fun!

The MASCOT TEE is all about being part of the the team! Join the BEES and style up nostalgic looks that have a dash of athleisure or juxtapose your mascot tee with a power suit!

The STACKED TEE in black is for your rock-n-roll days, your 90’s grunge or even some black and white pairings!

I styled up a few ideas to get your brain buzzing, but I can’t wait to see how you all style up your #alwaysplaydressup tees!

I thought it was time that we could actually wear something that said it for us
EditorialBeth Jones