I NEVER KNEW I could love a workout bag so much!


My fitness routine involves a lot of equipment! Last year I started to hear about P. Volve, and I started to dip my toe in by doing the free streaming workouts and buying just the magical p. band (which works them arms.. like no other!). Once I started using the p. band and saw the results, I was hooked and dove in deep by buying all the equipment and starting the monthly streaming. Best decision ever!

One of P. Volve’s big selling points, is that it is great to do in the comfort of your home. Which is really nice, but I still really love going to the gym, dropping off my kids at childcare and having one full hour to focus on my workout and really push myself. The gym motivates me BIG TIME.

One of the downsides of doing P. Volve in the gym is that there is A LOT of equipment to carry! That is where my magical workout bag comes in to play! It is by Caraa Sport and it is called the Studio Bag.

I never knew I could love a workout bag so much. Caraa thought of every thing an on-the-go active person would want in a bag. There are pockets for keys and wallets, shoe pouches, zippers here and there, a front section, a backpack section.. and I could go on and on. It can be carried as a satchel, a cross-body or (my favorite) a backpack.

I can easily fit every piece of my P. Volve equipment inside, my sunnies, my headphones, keys and wallet. And did I mention that it is so darn cool! I mean.. seriously.. a little bit rock-n-roll, right?!

Isn’t funny how the little things can make you happy! Every time I wrap up my workout, drenched and feeling good.. a little surge of joy runs through me when I load my Caara bag with all my equipment and strap it to my back!

It’s my magical workout bag!

Fit & FabBeth Jones