I’m all about BIG BELTS!

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I’ve always loved a belt! Maybe it started when I first saw Carrie Bradshaw running around with vintage dresses all belted up to perfection. Or it could have been when I used to visit an underground shop in LA called Shareen Vintage.

Shareen used to have a booth at my favorite flea market, Melrose Trading Post. The minute you walked into her booth you were surrounded by magical vintage dresses and girls tossing their clothes to the side to try on their dreamy finds. Shareen was notorious for pulling out her PERFECT WAIST BELT (that was never for sale), and wrapping it around you as soon as you slipped on a 70’s floral floaty dress.

“See.. doesn’t the belt make it absolutely brilliant?”, she would say.

And, yes.. it did make it absolutely brilliant. After having Shareen’s GOLDEN BELT cinched around my waist, my love affair with belts began.

Twelve, maybe thirteen years have gone by, and in that time I have acquired an overflowing collection of belts. Recently my heap of belts have been getting a lot of wear! They seem to be just the right thing to amp up every outfit.

To give you a little belt inspiration, I decided to style up some BIG BELTS and take them on a date to grab some BIG GULPS.

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See.. doesn’t the belt make it absolutely brilliant?, she would say.
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